Biodegradable Plastic From Shrimp Shells

A new kind of compostable plastic coating made from wood pulp and crustacean shells could be a sustainable alternative to the petroleum-based plastic that is used for food packaging.

Why geoengineering might not save crops from climate change

If we inject sun-reflecting particles into the atmosphere, we could create a cooler planet—and it seems logical that this would benefit crops troubled by heat stress. But a new study discovers that geoengineering might harm crops, not help them.

What’s smothering coal? Not the EPA

The fossil fuel industry itself may be the cause. Cheap shale gas produced by fracking has brought down the coal industry, according to a new report.

The unappreciated economic value of environmental stewardship

Think about the ways that nature generates economic value. Environmental stewardship, however, the hard work of people restoring ecosystems, picking up litter, and helping animals, likely doesn’t enter the equation. Yet the value might be surprisingly high.

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